Company Profile

Our company was founded
because we wanted all educators to have access to what we consider world class training that views technology as a tool for greater student achievement.

We started over 10 years ago
training educators. Today we are thankful we can say that we have worked with  over 8000 teachers, 600 administrators in over 325 school districts in 6 states. Although we started with just one training program, we now have authored 22 original training programs for teachers, administrators, parents and school boards.

Our primary goal
 is to create active, engaging and constructivist training programs utilizing technology that help school districts create the capacity to improve and succeed.


Our Rules

At i3 we value experience, creativity and integrity.  We have one goal. To help you achieve your goals. Whether it's training development or delivery, we approach each project with the following rules as our guide.

1.    Build your team, success comes from relationships
2.    Share Credit Widely
3.    Ask for advice before resources
4.    Play hard- Swim-Bike-Run or whatever makes you sweat
5.    Read fiction - Live non-fiction
6.    Do any job needed to make your dream a reality
7.    Remember who got you here & reward them often
8.    Laugh
9.    Die young, as late as you can!

Because They Said So...

�Once again let me thank you for the most interesting and productive professional development session I have had in the last 23 years"

Mike Grosh 

�Without a doubt you can tell that this company is run by educators who understand what schools, teachers & students need"

Joe  Tinsley 

â��I was pretty vocally opposed to this 4 day course,â��  â��But, I went, and by the end of the first day I realized this was not going to be a waste of my time. By the end of the last day I had learned so much that was relevant to me and my classroom that I was wishing it would last longer.â��

Earline Priston 

"We had all the technology; laptops, SRS's, Moodle and a great network. What you gave us was the ability to pull them all together to create a more engaging student learning environment"

Steve Davis 

At i3 we strive to have only one kind of customer, a satisfied one! We are resolved to always make that happen! Feel fee to contact any or all of our past customers. See our client list- Read more