Teacher Training

Our company was founded because we wanted all teachers to have access to what we consider world class training that views technology as a tool to create greater engagement in the classroom, encourage & support collaboration and expand access & depth of knowledge. All in an effort to create greater student achievement.

All of our teacher training programs are project based, hands on exploratory sessions. The i3 trainerâ��s unique instructive style motivates educators to successfully bring change into the classroom, as technology is integrated into the curriculum. 

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Administrator Training

Great professional development for teachers doesn't go very far without administrator awareness and support. Although we encourage administrators to attend our teacher trainings we also have developed  several trainings that cater specifically to school leaders & the issues they face. Many of are teacher trainings can also be customized for an administrator group. Just tell us what you need and we can build it to meet your expectations.

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Parent Training

Everyone knows that learning doesn't stop at the school doors and that parents will always play a vital role in the educational process. We believe a key part of student success is that parents have the awareness & skills to leverage technology at home to help strengthen their child's abilities as well as the home to school connection.

i3 has developed a series of classes that provide parents with an awareness of tools and strategies that can extend the learning with technology into the home. 
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Mastering Curriculum & Technology Integration for the 21st Century Classroom- Trainer Program

Scale up can be a daunting task for any school system as they work toward building capacity throughout their organization. More importantly scaling up successfully requires a program that enables customization and modifications when needed. Through our unique, hands-on immersion style instructional modeling training, participants learn more than technology & software skills. They learn when, why and how to choose the right tools for the instruction they are planning and how to work within their professional learning communities to support and collaborate with each other. This intense program ensures that trainers become proficient in the customization and delivery of the i3 Training Model & how to establish a constructivist approach in their districts to technology professional development.

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i3 Train the Trainer Program


 Unlimited Redelivery!

 Freedom to Customize!

 Available Ongoing Coaching & Support!

 Focus on Goals, Instruction & Technology!

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