i3 1-2-1 Program

Transformation or Transitioning?
You would be hard pressed to find any educational leader that doesn't want to create a more engaging, project based, 21st century learning environment in their school(s). For some this means finding a way to make computing more ubiquitous for students and teachers. Putting a laptop, netbook, tablet or phone in the hands of all students can be the beginning of an exciting journey for your learning community if you are clear about your goals and your ability to support those goals.  We see the movement into the 1-2-1 environment as a Transformative or a Transitional one. Which one you choose is solely dependent on what your educational community will support, LONG TERM.

Transformative= being open to changing everything you know about how teachers teach & students learn.
Transitioning= folding in greater access to the tools into your existing educational model

We hear many "Podium Hawks" preaching the need for the "education revolution" the transformation of schools into a model that reflects the society we live in and that our students will be required to survive in. Although we agree with the premise, we know that calling for a revolution from the pages of a blog or from a conference hall is very different than the day to day realities of most students, teachers, administrators and parents. Some think we should just get out of the way of students and let them lead the way, others think a locked down technology rich environment is the answer. We think both are flawed.

The i3 Approach!
Although most schools seem to spend most of their time and focus on the tools and what can be done with them we know that this is the least important component in making the decision to become a 1-2-1 or technology rich learning environment. We first focus on helping you get to the core of why you are thinking about making move to 1-2-1, understanding how and if your existing system will support it, building an implementation that can be supported over the long term, visioning what instruction/assessment/classroom management looks like, how leadership changes  and what device/tool/software is most appropriate for your implementation.
Regardless of your approach this change can cost a district $100's of thousands of dollars even millions so the commitment must first focus on building the foundation of support that will guarantee long term success.

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