i3 Mentor/Digital Coaching Program

Program History:

A few years ago i3 was approached by several past clients that had experienced great results with the i3 teacher training programs. They realized that even though they had made great strides with their teachers using technology more appropriately, there seemed to be a new barrier that their teachers were encountering. Teachers would work within their comfort zone with their new tools and skills but when they desired to move beyond their comfort level they hit a road block. Unfortunately, even though these teachers had staff that were in place to facilitate teachers with technology, most support staff were under prepared to go beyond technical troubleshooting.  So we teamed up with them to create the i3 Mentor/Digital Coaching Training Program.

Program Overview:

At i3 we believe that people learn best when they have a considerable amount of ownership over the learning process. Often we see teacher training programs that borrow, unfortunately from the traditional herd mentality of training. Bring em' in, brand um' and herd back out! Too often there is minimal or no follow-up. We believe that administrators often recognize this as an inferior approach but have difficulty breaking out of the mold, especially with technology, where they themselves might have a larger learning curve than some of their teachers.  The i3 Mentor/Coaching Training Program provides a comprehensive framework for schools & districts to manage long term change in the areas of curriculum & technology integration. We don't believe in the "One size fits all" mentality. We don't believe it for our own children and we don't believe it for our clients! So, instead of one program for all, we have developed a comprehensive framework for change and a set of principles & ideas that guide us as we work with each individual client to facilitate their specific needs.

Guiding Principles & Ideas:

  • 1Create a system of accountability & use it!
  • 2Utilize teacher professional learning plans & portfolios.
  • 3Create "Flex Goals" based on immediate short term needs.
  • 4Effective change requires the acceptance of multiple entry   points.
  • 5Facilitate & support meaningful & sustainable change.
  • 6No change is forever, but change is!





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